In the January 2001 "Music Educators Journal," author Linda K. Damer states:
    Although children with disabilities have been involved in creating, enjoying,     and learning about music for centuries, it is only within the past few   decades that the inclusion of these children in regular music instruction         has become a matter of law and public policy (MEJ 19).

For students with disabilities and special needs, music can be a healing agent, a source of fulfillment, achievement, and more.  As a future music educator, it is imperative to obtain as much information and insite on the area of special education (general and musical) to benefit and meet the needs of the many special needs students that will be encountered.  In our society, laws, practices, and educational applications are constantly changing.

    My name is Erica Geller and I am a junior music education major with a vocal emphasis studying at The Hartt School of Music housed at The University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut.  Through required education courses, fieldwork placements, and working as a reading and writing tutor largely for students with disabilities, I have become very interested in the area of special education in relationship to the music classroom.  This website is intended to educate future/present teachers about special education laws, practices, concepts, and more.