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Teaching Tips
Ms. Geller's Teaching Tips!!!!!

   Cater to the needs of ALL students!  Teach your class, but also every individual student, as well.

   Be as involved in the iep process as possible.  Music Education is most likely to appear as an example of mainstreaming.  

   DON'T HIDE IN THE CHORAL/MUSIC ROOM!!!!  Make an effort to get to know your colleagues, including general and special education teachers, guidance counselors, paraprofessionals, teacher aides, school psychologists, and nurses.  Find out as much as possible about students with special needs so that instruction can be appropriate and exciting for classes.

   Be sensitive to cultural diversity.  While language barriers and cultural differences are not listed as special education categories, multiculturalism engulfs a large blanket of areas including race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, physical abilities, and more.  PICK APPROPRIATE LITERATURE FOR STUDENTS INCLUDING PIECES FROM OTHER CULTURES!!!

   Create classroom procedures to avoid conflict, disruption, and general disturbance in the music classroom.

   Be open-minded!

   Do not resist learning once you have received your degree.  Many times teachers will cling to what is familiar to them and stubbornly deny new theories, practices, or laws.  Go to continuing education workshops, listen to speakers, and do your own research!  NEVER STOP LEARNING!

   Create a classroom that promotes creativity, learning, musicality, and a strong level of comfort and support.

   Have an open door policy!  Be willing to assist your students in times of need.